Double Knife Veneer Guillotine with Gluing System
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INNOVATOR's fully automatic Double Knife Veneer Guillotine with Gluing System particularly designed for automated production of customers combines veneer cutting and gluing functions. The veneer bundle is cut and glued while the whole veneer bundle is fully pressed (the pack beam does not rise) for accurate linear cutting and gluing effects. The model completely overcomes the problems that thick glue spills on the surface of veneers. It also avoids uneven glue application due to manual gluing and increases gluing stability for the following splicing effects. This model not only reduces labor costs but minimizes the breakage due to manual carrying.

  • with European safety standards
  • able to cut various materials including veneers, paper, plastic, etc.
  • applicable with Urea based, PVAc and all standard glue for splicers
  • equipped with precise cooling system for prolonging pot life of glue
  • able to switch off gluing function as a veneer guillotine for versatility
  • veneers placed in the clamps from the outside of the machine for operating safety
  • veneer cutting, gluing and transporting processes accomplished within this single machine
  • optimizing program with multiple cutting codes covering all requirements of veneering work
  • perfect without the problem of uneven glue application with the glue applicators on the market
  • completely hydraulic on both knife and pack beam with adjustable pressure for all kinds of veneers
  • particular gluing structure with adjustable gluing pressure for the lightest glue spread of a strong bond
  • 330 mm wide pack beam to fully press the whole veneer bundle for accurate cutting and gluing in one step
  • special mechanical structure of the knife beam for safe & timesaving knife changing without manual lifting
  • servomotor used for forward and backward movements of positioning clamps to control the cutting dimensions
  • special glue-scraping unit for evenly adjusting glue amount to apply a proper amount of glue on the edges of veneer bundles
  • unnecessary for operators to turn over veneer bundles manually to avoid open-ends of jointed veneers caused by flipped and uneven veneer bundles
  • equipped with a conveying system and be able to connect with a fanning machine, a crossfeed veneer splicer and etc. to form a veneer faces production line
  • remote monitoring maintenance system for faster access from the manufacturer in case of machine breakdown - In case of machine breakdown, our service personnel can check customers’ PLC program via the internet so as to solve the problem in time
Optimum series Movements
Recommended Option(s)
  1. SECOND-CUT Technology for thick or especially hard species of veneers cutting available - By switching knife beam to second-cut mode, a thin clip of approx. 1 mm is cut off from the veneer pack after the first trim. This unique feature which can only be found in all INNOVATOR’s guillotines is necessary when working with thick or especially hard species of veneers.

ModelOptimum 4000Optimum 3400Optimum 2800
Cutting Length 800 ~ 4000 mm 800 ~ 3400 mm 800 ~ 2800 mm
Cutting Width 80 ~ 650 mm 80 ~ 650 mm 80 ~ 650 mm
Daylight Opening 10 ~ 25 mm 10 ~ 25 mm 10 ~ 25 mm
Electric Power approx. 33 kw approx. 33 kw approx. 33 kw
Compressed Air 5 bar 5 bar 5 bar
Compressed Air Consumption 40 L/min. 40 L/min. 40 L/min.
Gluing Speed max. 30 m/min. max. 30 m/min. max. 30 m/min.
Capacity of Glue (each pot) 120 ~ 800 cc 120 ~ 800 cc 120 ~ 800 cc
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6950 x 6000 x 2100 mm 6350 x 6000 x 2100 mm 5750 x 6000 x 2100 mm
Net Weight (with Hydraulic Tank) approx. 13500 kg approx. 12500 kg approx. 11500 kg
Color RAL 8019 / RAL 9003 RAL 8019 / RAL 9003 RAL 8019 / RAL 9003
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