Model : 1124 B
Release Agent
Product Introduction
  1. The release agent accessorized with the machine is a non- silicone type of glue cleaner. It is used to apply on the upper and lower heating strip to protect the heating strips.
  2. The crystallized glue may stick on the heating strip which would cause gauges or indents on the veneer next and parallel to the glue line. This release agent could avoid build up of crystallized glue on either the upper heater strip or lower heater strip.
  3. Apply/ Spray the release agent onto BOTH the upper heating strip and lower heating strip.
  4. If crystallized glue is significant, scraping heating strips with soft materials or cloth prior to the spray of the release agent.
  5. Be sure to apply release agent when heating strips are heat up.
Technical Data: ACMOS 1124B -info..pdf